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Strong OPK 3 days late

Hi lovelies ! Just a quick question, I don’t know why I did I thought I would do an OPK today as I’m 3 days late. It came out with a very strong positive could this mean pregnant or that af will show? 


  • I would take a hpt, good luck!
  • Hi @Lh8609 thank you for responding! Iv ordered some they come Monday I’m so nervous as last month had a cp and have had a few over the year. Fingers crossed this is a sticky bean so my daughter can have a sibling ! :D this is today’s OPK I have really bad poas obsession so using OPKs is a lot cheaper haha ! xx

  • I bled till 10 weeks with my youngest so I used my left over opks religiously and they were always positive so I have everything crossed for you! X 
  • @Lh8609 I made my husband go out and get some tests and yes it’s positive and a strong one ! Thank you so much ! So it is true you can get positive OPK if your pregnant ❤️ 
  • thats VERY positive!! Huge congrats lovely x
  • @Lh8609 thank you so much for your replies! Iv felt like Iv been going crazy so thank you !xx
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