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assistance reading OPK results

hi everyone. I am hoping to get some opinions on a few OPK strips from this month as I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to reading them/etc.

unfortunately earlier this year I had a TFMR and since then, my periods have been a bit irregular. I used to be 29 days like clockwork, whereas now I can fluctuate between 32 and 38 days, and on average ovulation occurs between day 20 - 24. anyway, this month I started tracking OPKs a bit earlier than what my ovia app had flagged as my fertile window, and this is what I have found. I did take a few more tests prior to the 6th, and they had the same pattern (light and getting slightly darker each time I tested).

I'm just wondering if it looks like there has been a peak during these few days, or whether it could just be a 'fake' surge? the latest test I took this evening is even fainter than the one I took at midday.

should I continue testing (my app says my fertile window is coming up in the next couple of days) or do you think ovulation has already happened? the past week I've had more achy feelings on the left side of my pelvis, but not sure if that is related to my cycle or just a coincidence.

any opinions would be fab, thanks! 

(also, sorry it's on a weird angle - don't know how to rotate it on my phone!)


  • Hey! I don't know much about opks... But from other posts, i gather the 2 lines have to be the same... And it looks like you had that on 7/8!  Maybe test a few more days just to be sure, but going off your tests, it looks as if you've peaked already!! 

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