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OMG!!! 😳😳 2 years TTC… BFP!!!!!!

I’m freaking out!!!! This can’t actually be real can it????!!!
I’ve got zero symptoms (except crazy tiredness!) and the timing is insane - Ive got a laparoscopy on Friday to check my tubes etc… 
It’s the only test I’ve got, I’m going to buy more…. Is a False positive common??? 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫


  • That couldn't be more positive even if you tried!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
  • I did a digital….. middle of the day and the cross came straight up!
    omg!! I keep crying!!! 🙈🙈🙈
    anyone ready to give up hope….. don’t!!
    I did this test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant before my laparoscopy this week, I in no way expected the BFP! I’m shocked to my core…. And now terrified that I’m growing a little miracle 😳😳😳😳 

    got a scan booked for the 14th September 😍

  • Congratulations mama ❤️. That is a clear positive.🙂
  • Massive congrats, I remember you from the TTC forums when I was there myself. So so pleased for you I remember reading your posts and everything you were going though, always makes me so happy to see a long awaited bfp 😊 H&H 9 months to you xxx
  • Thanks guys! It’s not soaked in yet at all! I keep just wanting to do more tests 🤣
    Im so worried about it not sticking! 😩😩 
    @Lh8609 🥰🥰🥰 thank you!! How are you getting on?? xX
  • I spent about £100 on the damn things just to see the lines getting darker haha. I’m good Thankyou hun 24 weeks and a day today and I’m having my first little boy ☺️ X
  • 24 weeks???! Blimey! Where did that go?! Literally just feels like a few weeks since you got your BFP! 😳😳 congrats on you baby boy! Lovely news! 😍

  • Thankyou lovely xxx
  • @KelB79 OMG! I’m so so so happy for you, I actually cried! This is such beautiful news, wishing you all the best with the pregnancy ❤️
  • @LittleBirdie awwww now that made me cry!!! 🙈🙈🙈 thank you so much! I’m completely overwhelmed and over the moon!!! But i still don’t actually believe it’s real! Guess I probably won’t until I see the scan or feel something concrete 😏
    how are you getting on lovely??? xX 
  • @KelB79 Congratulations!! I remember you very well from the TTC threads I was on as well! I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!!
  • @Bundaberg thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️
    I just saw your other post - I am so so sorry about your eptopic 😞 that must’ve been terrifying and heartbreaking. I hope you’re recovering as well as can be expected 🙏🏼 Sending so much love xxxxxx 
  • Thank you lovely! I'm alright, thanks. Recovered just fine and am ready for TTC again this month :)
  • @Bundaberg - I am SO rooting for you! You’ve had such an unlucky run ❤️ You deserve this so much!! Good luck & lots of baby dust, I’ll be hanging around to watch your journey xxxxx
  • Thank you lovely! Third time's a charm, right? :)
  • @KelB79 I’m doing ok, I’ve just been so busy that I’ve kind of forgot about tracking and TTC. AF came on Monday I felt down but seeing your post gave me hope. I always worry about my age and the age gap baby 2 would have with my little girl and now I’m like let there be an age gap and if I get pregnant in my mid 40s so be it. Taking that pressure off myself has helped me relax a little. 

    When I found out I was pregnant with my little girl, I had a similar experience to you I found out I was pregnant on the day I was going for fertility tests. Maybe knowing  I was going to get help made it happen 🤣🙈
  • @LittleBirdie that reminds me of my own story so to speak. My mother always wanted three kids, two boys and a girl. My brother was born, three years later my other brother, three years later nothing happened, another three years passed and my parents were done, they thought whatever so we won't have any kids anymore. My mother actually went to the OB/GYN to speak about tubal ligation, and he was like - well yeah, you're pregnant. There I was! Late as always. 
  • @LittleBirdie I was exactly the same! This summer has been the busiest most hectic and stressful time of my whole life 🙈🙈 (I run a very busy restaurant in Newquay!)
    and I hadn’t been thinking about TTC at all really. 
    The referral for the fertility process went ahead though and was flying along in the background but I wasn’t focussed on it at all! 
    I had a baseline scan at the start of august and they told me my fertile days would be around the 8th/9th - we were going away for a couple of nights then as the 8th was my birthday so it was perfectly timed 🤪
    and it’s somehow happened!! I’m as sure as I can be that we conceived on my actual birthday!! 😁😁 I got totally drunk on prosecco and we very much BD’d that night 🤣 but not for a few days after as I was horribly hungover and then I got flu!! 🙈
    I’m amazed that this was the cycle that did it - it goes against everything - stress, drinking, illness… totally mad!!
    but….. taking my mind off it all was probably what did it 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I was supposed to be having the laparoscopy today! 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
    So definitely roll with taking the pressure off! 
    I’m proper nervous of things going wrong now though 😵‍💫 that’s only 5 weeks, so so early!! This is terrifying!!!! 
    Please message me if you get any news ( @bund@Bundaberg too!) - I’m really rooting for you both!! xxxx

  • @KelB79 So happy for you! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us and I wish you a nausea-free first 3 months!
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