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Testing in September!



  • Hi everyone, this is the first month I feel like I actually ovulated (high number on Premom strips coupled with pains in my side the next day and spotting) 
    we have our annual charity pub walk tomorrow so thought I should take an early response test (AF not due for another few days) just to be safe
    im trying not to get too excited but it looks positive right? 
  • Yes I would say 100% positive, congratulations!! Good job you tested before the charity pub walk :) 
  • Thank you! I did a digital test on Saturday morning to double check and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks! I did have some bleeding yesterday but I'm desperately hoping it was implantation bleeding and not a chemical
  • Hi everyone I hope you are all doing ok. 

    A couple of days ago I started getting cramps (some quite painful) alongside my usual pre period/ ovulation symptoms (achy neck, fatigue etc) These cramps were more uncomfortable than I usually get. My pre mom app now reckons I am in my most fertile period but there isn’t the cm to support that. I am tracking bbt and opk (started tracking the opk the day after my cramps) Opk is low and each day since has just continued to drop. I usually get my peak around day 15-16 but it sometimes is day 12 or 13. I am currently day 13 but never had the lh levels drop each time like that when I get my peak day 15/16) Not really sure what is going on with my body. Cramping is still there from time to time. 
  • @Emmstar84 thats interesting. bodies are so weird. Do you mind posting your BBT chart so I can look at?
  • Rjackson44- It is nerve wracking, I had bleeding with my first. I had no idea about old blood being shed or implantation blood so got myself in a right state everytime it happened. Stay positive!! 

    Emmastar84- Bodies eh! You mentioned that you started tracking your opk the day after your cramps so could it be possible you ovulated early which is why the opk keeps dropping?  
  • Thanks hannah22 - I did take another FRER test this morning to try to reassure myself but it came back negative so I guess it was a chemical for me. Trying to look on the bright side that at least I know I am ovulating etc. but really disappointed, definitely not going to test early again
  • rjackson44- oh I'm so sorry to hear that. That must be a crushing disappointment for you. I completely understand why you test early as the wait is hard. I just switch off and that works for about a week and then I spend the next week trying to ignore it. I don't know if it helps but when you are feeling a little better the positive is your body can do this.  Xx
  • @hannah22 it could be, if it was early ov it really tricked me as I didn’t get the cm change like I usually do when I ovulate. Crazy bodies!
  • @Poca92 it’s not letting me upload a picture for some reason 😢
  • Hi all, 

    will be time to start a new thread soon.. 

    Hopefully everyone is doing ok. I'm out almost anyway. My premom app says I'm a day late but based on previous cycles I'm not due on until Fri. I knew a few days ago I was getting my period, that feeling in the belly, not cramps but not right and feeling soo tired. Of course this also coincided with my partner returning after nearly two,weeks of running the bar and looking after my four year old by myself so maybe my body going urgh, give me some proper sleep now! So got a bit of light brown discharge today so expect af tom or day after at the latest. I just wish it would just come so I could get it over and done with. :( 
  • Hello Hannah.. Flo say I am due today and I am not sure how I feel as I have started exercising that involves contracting pelvic floor so I am sore all over. So I can't really tell if I am having the cramps before period or just sore. Its evening over here now and trying to keep it off my mind. And I can't tell right now if its just period symptom or no symptom at all because last cycle I was sure it was diff but it turn out differently. They always say its not out yet till AF shows. So fingers crossed we will move to another thread. On another note rest well.
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