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So confused need help

I've been having crazy feelings or symptoms over the past week. Heavy bloated feeling in stomach to the point I can't really eat much of anything no appetite constant headaches, dizziness nausea abdo and lower back pain. So I did a clear blue test and a faint line has shown up did a cheap Morrissons one and clear negative waited till fmu 4am and did another clear blue and again a faint line appeared did a superdrug early response and as far as I can see there isn't a line I'm so confused. I haven't a clue where in my cycle I am as I am taking cerazette but had a few issues over the past 2 months sickness and stopping it etc. Do I trust the clear blue? 


  • Also meant to mention I had really light pink spotting on Tuesday
  • Where in your cycle are you? It looks like a definite line to me but just maybe faint at this point if it’s early. 
    Get a FRER pink dye test to be more sure 👍🏼👍🏼
    Your symptoms sound very like mine and I’m 6 weeks now so I’ve got everything crossed for you 🙏🏼
    Id go so far as to say congratulations 🥳 xxx
  • Thanks so much for your reply I'm so confused since other tests haven't really shown anything! My cycle is non existent. So been on the pill cerazette for a while it stops my periods then I was poorly and couldn't take it for 2 days had a withdrawal bleed a few days later then re started it and started bleeding again but for 4 days. We did do it unprotected a few times and we have discussed coming off the pill just so confusing my symptoms are still here and I don't know what to think  
  • Our bodies so love to confuse us!! 🙈 it’s a nightmare!!
    Good luck!! All you can do is keep testing until it become clear one way or another. Or call your GP maybe, they can blood test you to get a clear answer 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Think I'll have to go doctors especially if these "symptoms" don't go it's really unusual for me especially to have headaches for an entire week and feel like period time, but took another clear blue today and I'm pretty sure no line whatsoever I have 1 more test might do it with fmu tomorrow I'm really confused but my partner is really supportive which is great 
  • Hi @Linz86 - did you just come off the pill recently then? It's totally normal to feel this way once you're off the pill, as the pill won't let you have ovulation, so your body won't go through all those different stages of hormone production. I felt bloated and weird for at least two cycles until it went "normal" again - I wasn't used to feeling my body that way anymore. 
    Re: the tests: how long did it take until the lines appeared? Unfortunately especially the blue dye tests tend to show evap lines after the time frame. I'm on another forum and there are several threads and posts about it in the last couple of weeks. 
    Good luck to you anyways, I hope you'll get the result you're wishing for.
  • Thanks for your reply, I've been back on the pill for 1.5 months been fine no strange symptoms no nothing and no period. I only tested because of all those strange symptoms I'm having since tuesday/wed. The tests did come up in the time frame as I am warey of blue dye tests can't remember how long now but since then nothing. 
  • Thanks for sharing this, I'm trying to conceive too
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