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Are these just all evaps?

So been testing for nearly a week since my crazy symtoms started and a little bit of spotting last week wed/Thursday. Dr won't do bloods as they said there's a shortage going on. Been back on cerazette for about 6 weeks now. I think they're evaps but can't be 100% sure. Any advice would be great x 


  • Did the lines show up within the given time frame?
  • I think so, I know not to read them after the time frame. I've also tried morrissons/asda/tesco/freedom and pound cheapies and nothing I can see not even evap lines, I would say negative just the cramps headaches nausea I've been getting has made me think twice. My tests in 2018 were very faint for about a week he's nearly 3 now.
  • Although I can’t see on all of them, the ones I can look properly positive so fingers crossed for you and update us if you can xx
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