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Going insane- first month off pill

Hi, newbie here just looking for some sanity & shared experiences!
Stopped taking the pill at the end of my last pack- microgynon. That was 38 days ago. Had withdrawl as per usual which started 34 days ago and lasted 2-3 days.
Since then... Not been overly active but have done it, first would be 29 days ago and last (don't judge ;) ) 15 days ago. Wasn't really tracking anything so I've no clue on ovulation etc. I did have the tiniest bit of spotting 19 days ago.
Since weekend I've had sore / very sensitive nipples, not agony but not normal. Been very bloated for days and feeling full. Seemed to be tired all weekend but not overly unusual. 
Question is, do I keep waiting for that elusive first period to show, or do I test?
Anyone had similar experiences coming off this pill?


  • I fell pg straight away with my first so it is possible, 2nd 2 months after and I was a mess after coming off the pill this time. It took 6 months and the first few months I had very random irregular bleeding. Very possible you could be pregnant if youve still not come on, you should do a test! Good luck x
  • Oh gosh! What a mixture, scary to hear you fell straight away the first time 😅 I came off it before but I can't remember how long it took the first time.
    I think I'll test at weekend if nothing has changed, all the same again today 🤷‍♀️ yikes! 
  • Symptoms sound very promising hun, be sure to update us 😬🤞🏼 X
  • So... Was going to test yesterday but then appeared to come on! Although it's been VERY light, not sure what's going on but now 99% certain I'm not P. Which is good as Id rather know where I'm at than all this guesswork  :sweat_smile:
  • At least you’ve got a starting point now hey! My periods were whacky at first but soon settled down into a pretty regular pattern. All the best! X
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