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Indent or what

Hi guys!

I have a question.

I am 9DPO.

I got positives and a negative.

Let me tell you:

At 8 DPO and this morning at 6 am (diluted) my tests (easy@home) were negative.

At 8, when I tested again, my easy@home had a faint line.

At 10 am I checked again with more concentrated urine and got:

- Faint, but very obvious line on my easy@home with sensitivity 25 mIU
- My hyper sensitive/early test at 10 mIU was completly negative with the same urine.
- FirstRespronse with 6.8 mIU had a strong line with the same urine.

I am confused.

I was wrong about "positives" before. I want to tell my husband but I want to be sure. Do you think the digital at 25mIU will definetly be negative?

Thank you!


  • I would wait a few days before taking a 25miu if it were me. Good luck though I hope your lines get stronger! X
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