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Keep me sane during this time

The 2 Week Wait. Turns into a 7month wait.
Please keep me sane.
I felt like I am pretty much in this state all the time. Terminally waiting, uncertain, Googling, and swinging from one emotion to another. The two week-wait is so hell inducing because every moment you are petrified that you did something wrong to make the embryo not stick all the while hopefully waiting that this time it will work. It becomes hell-inducing the more two-week waits that you endure because you become acutely aware of the emotional wreckage that could occur if the end of the two week-wait happens to not be in your favor. One minute you feel “pregnant,” whatever that feels like to you. The next it feels like your period is coming and it’s all over. Every symptom is analyzed to see whether it’s the twinge of hopes and dreams, or just progesterone. So much is riding on the end of the wait. Now if our dreams are dashed we will have a seven month wait till he returns from deployment.
 I needed this outlet to connect with others and keep me sane.
Thank you 💓


  • Hello! I know how the waiting part is, it's nerve wrecking. It seems like time just goes by really slow. I just try to keep myself busy and distracted to take my mind off of it and help pass the time away . If you're looking to keep yourself busy and distracted and want something to do from home. Joining Avon as a representative will definitely help you with that. This is my online store link if you want to look into it more. The joining Avon option will be in the upper left corner and it will tell you everything. But you're welcome to ask me anything about it too. Not only will it help with keeping your mind off of it and pass the time away, but you can make extra money with it too. I wish the best of luck and hope it works out for you! :)
  • Dear Fantasist_Siren,  It sounds like a familiar wait and hope cycle that so many experience when trying to conceive.  I don't know if you already have a positive pregnancy result yet?  If a positive result doesn't occur before your husband's deployment (understandably that is challenging), you'll need to move forward with whatever that situation is.  Julia Indichova offers lots of help, particularly with emotional issues.  What do you do with all those difficult feelings?  It is about living life in the most amazing and self-loving way no matter what the present circumstance is.  I wish you all the best!!
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