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Opk first timer help?

Sam_1888Sam_1888 Regular
edited Sep 23, 2021 8:24PM in Trying to conceive
 Hi ladies, I’m looking for some opinions/advice. This is my first ever time using opks and it’s been great watching it progress over the days. I’ve noticed that my line has got visibly darker so yesterday, today, tomorrow and Saturday, my partner and have done and will dtd. I’m curious though, when the line is really dark does that mean I am ovulating that day? Is it better to just dtd as soon as the line gets darker? 
Also my cm from what I noticed is looking a little bit of a mix of thick/creamy/moist  ( I think!) should I still be dtd. I’m assuming going by the strips I should? 


  • Hi

    you normally ovulate 12-48 hours after your peak ovulation test so you’re most likely to ovulate tomorrow. You’re definitely covered if you’ve already dtd and planning to the next couple of days too! 
    Also I wouldn’t worry too much about CM as the month I got pregnant I didn’t get my usual EWCM I just got sticky and creamy but obviously it still worked 😂 

    You’re definitely in with a chance! Good luck 🤞 I hope you get that BFP! 
  • @B.leif Thanks so much for replying. Definitely have been lucky getting to dtd as much as we have. It’s not always doable with us not living together yet and my partner already has a kid that lives with him. I was really worried about ewcm and there not being any present, but getting responses like yours does put my mind at ease! Thank you ☺️
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