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Hey all, so long story but been off and on cerazette for a while. Me and my partner decided to stay off the pill and I took my last one on 9th Sept after being back on it for 6 weeks (withdrawal bleed very light on the 13th Sept for about couple days)I then had a relapse of intercrainial hypertension and was told the medication isn't suitable if I became pregnant. So I re started the pill on the 14th sept. I had to come off the new medication and stopped the pill again 3 days later 17th Sept. We've been having s#x all the way through all this. Now 25th sept no withdrawal bleed, nipples/boobs are tender/sore constantly electric nipples! light cramps, nausea, dizziness. I always get a withdrawal bleed around 3 days after stopping pill and my boobs have never hurt except for when I was pregnant with my son in 2018 not pms or anything. I've done a couple of tests but they need high hcg 20+ I'm not sure what's going on could I be pregnant is my system really messed up? I did a frer yesterday 24th sept and the 23rd sept there were lines but as I've noticed frer ALWAYS have lines but not sure what to think it got more noticeable and I think I can see colour on the 24th test. I'll attach a piccy. I've ran out of tests now so got to wait till I get some more but no idea which brand to get! Had some crappy blue thick lines with clear blue x5 in fact and I wasn't pregnant.


  • Hello! :) I don't want to get your hopes up too much but it sounds possible to me. But I wouldn't rely on the clear blue tests though. They are bad about giving false positives. I would suggest sticking with the pink dye and if you're considering a blood test, your local doctor's office or the health department can do that for you and it doesn't take long to get the results back either. Even though it's more expensive that way , at least you will know for sure the human growth hormone is in your blood stream. Good luck on everything and hope it works out for you! 
  • Thank you for your reply, I haven't re tested yet but probably go get some tests today. I'm in the UK and my Dr's have said they won't do bloods for non urgent cases as there's a shortage of blood bottles or something. I'll probably stick with frer and see what happens. Ive still got sore nipples/boobs still no bleeding but got cramps I'm really emotional too, feeling nauseated and off and on headaches. But it's the boobs and no bleeding that's leading me to test I wouldn't of thought I could catch that quickly but you never know I guess.
  • Yw and I'm sorry they aren't doing any blood work for non urgent cases. Yeah those symptoms can start even before you miss your period. Everyone's different and some don't even get any noticable symptoms at all at first. I barely had any at first in the first trimester with my daughter. But with my son, I had it all and had extreme morning sickness. Good luck with testing again! :)
  • So I couldn't get any frer I only went 1 shop as had my son but anyway, got x2 packs of the superdrug early response (on offer) the ones in the blue and white packet. I did on with afternoon wee no line, then fmu no line whatsoever. But I'm still having all these "symptoms" I even had 2 dinners last night one at 9.30pm! Which is just unlike me... how soon after these symptoms should I be testing? Do I have to wait? I technically had a bleed on the 13th sept (withdrawal bleed) not sure if taking the pill for 3/4 days has messed me up. Still got really sore boobs/nipples, cramping, nausea dizziness tiredness any help is appreciated I'm turning into a poas addict!! 
  • Hey! Oh ok, it sounds like you still might be. It may be too early to get a positive and some women take longer to produce hgc than others, some don't produce enough to show up on a home test. Or something could just be wrong with the tests you took. There's different reasons for it. If you're having symptoms before your period is due, I would wait til 6 or less before your period to test and use the early tests. With the regular dollar tests I would wait a week or two after you've missed your period. I would avoid lifting anything heavy til you know for sure and be careful with what you eat and drink and avoid chemicals and smoke as much as possible. Those can put you at risk for a miscarriage. Have you seen a doctor yet? 
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