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Poas like a mad woman!

Hey everyone! So I'm poas like a mad woman not everyday but trying to get to the bottom of my "symtoms" that still haven't eased. Did a frer 24th Sept thought seen something with colour tested with various other brands (superdrug and clear blue)those have basically been clear negatives as far as I can see BUT tested with FMU with my last clear blue and this has popped up... not sure if I should trust these has I had some awful colour evaps a while back. What do you guys think? No idea when or if I ovulated I have had what I think was a withdrawal bleed on the 14th sept. Still got really sore boobs/nipples hungry, nausea and dizziness


  • I see a line! I’d test with a frer today it should show up if there’s a faint line on clearblue x
  • Thanks 😊 I'll probably go and get some today it's blue and as wide as control line but bad experience in past, I did a clear blue early digital ultra which says its sensitivity is 10mIU/ml and that was "not pregnant"
  • I’ve seen someone on TikTok use those and they didn’t rate them tbh. Good luck keep us posted 🤞🏼 X
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