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Hey everyone, has anyone tried the clear blue digital ultra early test it says it's sensitivity is 10mIU/ml. I can't seem to find many reviews on these at all. And wondering how reliable they are. I'm wondering if it was indeed a positive I got on the clear blue Easy to read I didn't think evap lines had colour or as "fat" as the control line? X


  • Hi. Is this just false hope?:( This was done using my first urine sample of the day this morning. I have used these test strips the past few months and always had a clear negative. Yesterday i was exhausted so this morning opened the bathroom cupboard and the pregnancy test packet literally fell out in front of me... which i thought was a peculiar sign...
    I have done another test at midday which was negative, but my urine is definitely more dilute. I'm going out of my mind i want it to be positive so bad, but i cant help but think its a total tease. Do you recommend i do another one first thing or leave it a few days, a week? I am day 11 in my cycle... so in theory the dates dont match up, but i have friends telling me it can happen at any time. Thank you, Lucy 

  • Sorry to jump on your post @Linz86 ive never used anything like this before haha. Hope you get the answer to your question x
  • Haha its OK! I don't think many people have from what I've seen. I'd test again in a few days on your test it looks like a colour blob (from what I can see) I've been told superdrug are good sensitive at 10miu so could try those?  I think I've gone through every brand of test haha and got blue evap lines on clear blue! I'm possibly 7dpo but that's a guess as been off and on my pill but but got so many symptoms I've been peeing on tests like a mad women! Good luck to you! 
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