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Period or implantation bleeding?

My period was 5 days late and when it finally did come it was. Dark brown colour and the next day it went to red and it’s very light. My periods are normally very heavy and red at the start.. I done a couple test which came out negative a couple of days ago. what could this be?


  • I had a miscareiage in September 

    I had 2 periods in October 

    One on the 1st & then the 31st October

    Before my miscarriage my period cycle was 29 days

    I started bleeding on 28th November but it was dark brown 

    And then it went red, filled pad & leaked a little on my knickers

    But I noticed that there was no blood in the toilet (like usual). Meaning it wasn't an actual flow of blood

    This lasted 1 day. I haven't taken a test yet but I have 4 babies, and when I squeeze my nipples milk comes out

    My youngest is 1year and 4 months old, but I stopped breastfeeding when he was 8 months old

    I feel slightly nauseous and my vagina is dry. Usually I have lots of discharge after my period

    I haven't taken a test yet but when I do I'll update here 
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