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Possibly 5dpo

Hey everyone, so I've started using the Ovia app and it's saying i should be 5dpo, has anyone else had symptoms this early?. I have a cold feeling and in my throat, increased appetite, I'm having light spotting pinky colour started yesterday my period shouldn't be due till the 12th-ish, backache, cramping, tiredness not matter how much sleep I get.headache and some nausea.nipples are a little tender too. Pretty sure I ovulated from the 23rd as my nipples were really bad and have now eased a lot.


  • OK so now I should be 7dpo 8 tomorrow 🙃  not sure if anyone is in the same boat but my cervix is high soft and closed, nausea dizziness headaches and I'm so irritable amd tired had spotting but that was pretty much just pinky and only when wiping that lasted under 2 days. Sore nipples have gone now I tested today as I'm not 100% sure when I'd be due my period pretty sure they were negative not even a squint of a line. Dr can't do bloods and dr said DPO means nothing even gynaecology professionals don't use that calculation on when to test? 
  • I would say till your AF show, there is still possibility. Some ppl gets the positive early even before period is due. With my first, I only got a BFP almost 2 weeks after my period was due because I ovulated later. My doc say period is typically due 14 days after ovulation. Just to share, I stopped symptom spotting to avoid disappointment after TTC for 10 months now. I was pretty sure I was pregnant then it turned out that it wasn’t. 
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