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7days late today

Hi all!
im new to all this but need a bit of help if anyone is out there….. 
mum currently 7 days late - I’ve NEVER missed a period in my life and have a spot on 28 day cycle.
ive had 4 negative pregnancy tests this week and went to see my GP this am. She tested my wee and said nope not pregnant and sometimes this just happens….at my age…. (Im35!) 
has anyone been this late before and not been pregnant? Has anyone tested positive after 7 days? I’m kind of giving up hope but have been so excited all week at the lack of period- I’m so confused xxx


  • I was late for 10 days and tested negative and true enough AF shown on Day 10. I missed my period in March went to the doctors and did a scan and it was just simply missed period.

    However, with my first child I was late for about 2 weeks with all negative test and the day I was at the doctor's the scan just show that the wall is thick but couldn't find the the sac. After the scan doc sent me to the pee test stick and came back I was positive. She told me its early pregnancy and to scan after 2 weeks. I ovulated late in that cycle and I remember us BD way after the predicted ovulation. 

    So the possibilities is there and hang in there. There is really no direct answer unless you do the scan.
  • Loubo1214- It must have been disappointing for you as understandably you would have thought you were pregnant. I've been late for a year before! But I had PCOS. 
    Been regularish for years now but when my daughter was starting school last Sep I was so anxious about it that I was late by a week. Could you be stressed about anything? X
  • Ah thanks for all your help you guys xx she arrived with full force at the weekend !!! I’ve been laid up with cramps and really bad flow but all we can do is try again - thanks for all your help and Goodluck to you all xxx
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