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Really need your eyes

So had a bleed 12/13/14th sept had spotting very light pinky 4th/5th Oct lasted less then 48 hours and only when wiping. Been off pill about 5ish weeks. Had lots of false positives and lots of negatives. Can anyone see lines the blue tesco test had something straight away and picture was took within 5 mins it's hard to pick up on camera 


  • I can't see anything on the plastic tests but there really looks like a faint line on the strip! Fingers crossed!! x
  • I see something on the strip, I’d retest with a first response x
  • I am literally in the same position as you. I have done 2 strips today with the results (in the photo) I thought were positive as I could see 2 lines. I then did a clear blue test later on and there was just the one line. I’m so confused. I can definitely see 2 lines in your strip though. Good luck! X
  • What was your outcome of this, I believe mine was a false or evap line. I'm still having the same trouble,I did a frer last night after having faint positive since Thursday and another frer this morning both got lines really fast and they look pink just faint. Did a clear blue weeks indicator and said not pregnant. I've had enough now and Dr is sending me epu Wednesday 
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