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recurrent miscarriages and long time trying to conceive

Hi all, Me and my husband have been ttc for nearly 3 years. It has been and is continuing to be very difficult to keep positive and to not feel this sadness constantly. We have been meaning to get some more support from somewhere from others that may be going through a similar thing, but have been avoiding it as it is such a difficult thing to talk about. But it is really important to talk about it, and having come across the made for mums website, we decided to join.

So our journey so far : We have gotten pregnant 4 times since TTC but Sadly we've had 2 miscarriages , an ectopic pregnancy and then a 3rd miscarriage. The miscarriages were early, at about 6-7 weeks, each time. We were referred to Tommy's over a year ago (after the 1st two miscarriages) and I've had tests done which were all ok. We were told that as we had gotten pregnant there was no need to do any tests for on my husband. I was sent away with progesterone pessaries to take in our next pregnancy. The 3rd and 4th pregnancies I took the pessaries but sadly they were ectopic and miscarried, respectively. 

it has been 6 months now since the last miscarriage and It is getting harder and harder every month to remain positive. Each month, espeically the last 2 weeks of my cycle, I am a mess - every little niggle or ache or twinge sets my mind going - am i pregnant, is it another ectopic, is it another month of AF?! Husband and I are feeling stuck and like our life is on hold. 

we have got another appt with my Tommy's consultant next week and we are hoping to have a chat with her to see what else we could be doing and if there are other tests we could have done. I have been researching about parental karyotyping and also getting a test done to see if either one of us have a variant of the MTHFR gene (which may be a cause for the miscarriages we have had - I think this gene is to do with absorption of folic acid in the body - apologies if i am mistaken). 

Has anyone else had this karyotyping test done or test for the MTHFR gene? How are others in a similar situation finding ways to cope? 
apologies for the essay and thank you in advance for all your support. wishing everyone the best in their journeys too.x 


  • I was literally just coming onto here to ask about anyone’s experience with folate/b12 deficiencies!! 

    I am so so sorry to read your story and sending so much love. 
    We have been TTC for over 2 years and I’ve just suffered a missed miscarriage last month. I’m a total mess if I’m honest and struggling to move forward so I really admire your bravery and strength having had your journey 🙏🏼🙏🏼 

    I’ve just started having blood tests following the miscarriage as I still feel physically pretty terrible. 
    I was expecting anaemia to be the result but my iron levels are fine. 
    But the results have come back as me having some large blood cells which may be due to folate or b12 deficiency. I take supplements for these and have been since TTC so, after doing some research, I’m suspecting possible MTHFR. The symptoms make SO MUCH sense to me!! I need to have more tests so I’m definitely jumping the gun but I already feel relieved that we may have found the thing that’s caused both the infertility and the miscarriage. 
    Apparently it’s totally overlooked by fertility specialists even and is quite a common issue that is usually only randomly found in blood tests for other things. 
    If anyone else has any experience of this I’d love to hear more. 
    But @bnm definitely keep in touch with your journey on this one, i pray they’ve found answers for both of us 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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