@t scared gulpxxxxxxx
hope all you ladies coping well and get some great news soon xxx


  • Roisine I dont know your history well as I am new on this page but try and remain positive. It sounds like you have had a very difficult time and hopefully 2010 is your year! Wishing you all the best! xx
  • Is AF def due 29th cause that's 2 weeks away seems long if you've just got a +ve test.

    I think after mc everyone is shit scared hun but like Muffin says try & stay positive, why not speak to your GP nxt week & see if they can get you booked in for an early scan im sure that after all you have been through you will be well looked after this time round.

    Keeping everything crossed for you hun & Congratulations!! xxx
  • Goodness Roisine, you have been through so much. I very sorry for your previous losses.

    You are absoulutely NOT bad for feeling the way you do. It must be very difficult to feel positive but try not to dwell on the worst.

    I think laujai is right in suggesting you speak to your GP, I'm sure they will look after you with all you've been through.

    Good luck xxx
  • sorry gals my af due on 20th jan just noticed the booer thanks laujai you always have time for others xxxxxx
  • No worries huni thats what were all here for.

    Will be keeping everything crossed for you keep us updated hun xxx
  • Arrgh BE ate my reply :evil:

    Congratulations hun, I can understand why you're feeling so scared. I think Laujai is right and you ought to see you GP, they should be able to book you in for an early scan and help you put your mind at ease.

    Wishing you an uber happy and healthy 9 months

  • congrats hun!! good luck. hope it's the stickiest bean the world has ever seen!!
  • Hi Roisine,
    Firstly congratulations, and secondly I know how you are feeling, although not got my BFP just yet. I had a mc in Dec 09, only 5+2 but i also lost my son at 27 weeks in Sep 09. So i know how it feels to have buried a child. I'm sure this is going to be a difficult 9 months for you but you will have the support of all the ladies on BE and i'm sure your midwife will monitor you more closely. I personally couldn't have managed without some of the ladies over in bereavement. Just wanted to say good luck and hope this is a sticky one for you xx
  • Hi Roisine, congratulations hun, as the other ladies say it's best you go see your gp, so you get that added reassurance. It will be a worrying 9months but we are all here if you ever need to let off steam.

    Good luck and hope its the stickiest bean ever!! xx
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