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Is there a line, or is it just my eyes 😅

Hiya, I’m wondering if anyone could help me, or see anything please? I did two test strips earlier on and thought I saw 2 lines in them both (they were only cheap ones). Went and bought a clear blue test later on but that was a BFN! 😵‍💫 Like no second line whatsoever. Eeek!

Thanks in advance ☺️ X


  • P.s has this happened to anyone else or what was your outcome? 🙂 thanks x
  • I can see a faint line on both. However, I would retest till I get a strong line. I know how hard it is to analyze when trying hard to conceive. I have my fair share of test kits to a point I try to stop myself from testing till I am late for more than a week.

  • I see a faint line on the left hand test in the top pic! What cycle day are you on @Kelau? Xx
  • Thank you both. I’m only on 8DPO so it’s still early days. Been having a little bit of cramping in my tummy but no other symptoms x
  • Oh yes, maybe wait a couple more days? 

    I'm on Cd27. Had my Mirena coil removed on 14th Sept. No idea when I ovulated, but we BD'd a lot through my predicted fertile window on Ovia.

    Been having lots of symptoms in the last week, I'm going crazy waiting! Done a strip test on CD 24 & 26, both BFN.

    AF is predicted to arrive in 2 days. 

    When are you going to test again? 

  • Aww will keep my fingers crossed for you @MrsSpiller2021 :) On our first I didn’t get a BFP until I’d missed my period. I’ll probably test again over the weekend, if I can wait… 🙈x
  • This will be my 3rd child, but first after having a coil. 
    You'd think I'd know the signs by now! I feel pregnant, but don't know if I'm just over analysing every single little thing. 
    I find myself Google searching everything and it's not good xx
  • Aww gosh, same here, if there’s a new feeing/sign I’m straight on Google. And I know I’m definitely testing too early and then getting my hopes up. I should really wait until my period 🤭 x
  • Well I'm going to do my last cheapie in the morning and if it's BFN then I have no idea! 😂 Xx
  • AF arrived this morning... Back to CD1 for me. 

    Good luck! Xx
  • Aww I’m so sorry to hear that @MrsSpiller2021. I did a clear blue one over the weekend and that was a BFN so I’m thinking the ones I did last week were rubbish cheapie ones. Fingers crossed for us for next month 🥰 it’s such a waiting game isn’t it. Sending lots of luck to you! x
  • Oh how annoying! Has AF arrived yet? Yes, good luck to us! X
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