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I can’t find an active thread for ttc with pcos, so I figured I’d start one off! 

Anyone else here in the same boat? 
Feel free to join! 


  • Gaby1299Gaby1299 Regular
    edited Nov 30, 2021 8:37PM
    I have been ttc for about 10 months now with one Chemical Misscarriage…I don’t have pcos at least that’s what my doctor says.. but I do have 40-80 day long cycles which absolutely sucks! I am about to give up on this, my doctor won’t see if anything else is up untill we have been ttc for around 16 months. I never know when is the best time to have sex!  
  • Hi @Gaby1299 I feel your pain, I’ve gone 6/7 months without a period before! I have had 2 miscarriages also but I’m incredibly lucky to have 2 children already. I had a miscarriage in between them and when we tried to conceive our third I miscarried again (in Jan/feb of this year) so here we are trying again and failing miserably as my body just won’t ovulate atm ☹️ Are you using OPKs or tracking BBT at all? What cycle day are you on now?
  • P.S Doctors have been awful for me too… it took over 3 years to diagnose my PCOS as I was failing to meet the criteria of at least 2/3 symptoms for ages and I had my daughter in between which threw them off even more so! Because I already have 2 children and I can conceive naturally, I’m not entitled to ANY fertility treatment or any help at all really! I totally get you, we’ve been trying 12 months now… I feel like giving up too x
  • Hey @elexox

    I’ve been in your situation before, it is quite stressful especially when you don’t get diagnosed in time. The same happened to me, I’ve never been a fan of medical drugs as they can be invasive or introduce a huge shock to our bodies.

    So I sought some alternative remedies, ending up settling for traditional Chinese medicine. Can’t say for certain but almost a year later, I was able to successfully hold onto my pregnancy and we had a baby boy later on. I would highly recommend it but everyone has a different experience. I wish you good luck 😊

  • Hi @JohanaHuber

    Thank you and thanks for sharing your experience. I have looked into Chinese medicine but haven’t gone any further as of yet. 

    Are you TTC again? 😊
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