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Please, advice needed... Unusual situation

Hi all. I have been so confused over the last few days and would love to hear of others who have been through similar, or know someone who has. And to hear any opinions and thoughts (please, only kind ones as i have been an emotional wreck). Sorry, this is a bit of a long one.
So we had sex on 11/11 and i had a light period the next day and for the next 5 days (usually heavy and painful) and it came 3 days early. I know it is almost impossible to conceive on this day BUT...
12 days later i got a faint but obvious BFP. The following days i got very faint ones on different tests, very faint but no BFN.
The last 3 FRERs i have done are now BFN.
If it was my period that i had, then i wouldn't be due again until 10/12 which feels like a lifetime away.
I just don't understand how i could have gotten so many BFPs with different brands, if i wasn't pregnant, and if by some miracle i was pregnant, i am assuming i am no longer however i haven't bled.
I went to the drs to get bloods but they closed after my appointment so i missed it, and now BFNs i am too scared to get them.
Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you all in advance


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