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I keep ending up w/ different test results….. please tell me this is common?

I am now 5 days late for my period (was due 11/25).  I started testing 4 days before my period was due because I started experiencing pain and sensitivity in my nipples, which doesn’t happen when I PMS.  1st couple tests came out extremely faint, to where I thought I might be seeing what I want to see.  Then a couple negative results the next couple days, only for two more tests to come out positive the day after the negative results, which would be around 1-2 days before my period.  People said that these positives looked like evap lines, and even though I kept within the time frame, I tested again to make sure and once again, negatives were showing.  I have 3 kids and before my 1st I did have a miscarriage, so now I’m freaking out thinking I may have had a missed miscarriage because someone mentioned that could be why my results were back and forth.  Some negative results were from digital tests and people said it may just be too early.  Well last night I tested again and a positive popped up!, although it was still very faint.  Tested again today around 5 am and it seemed like another positive showed up but lighter.   Tried a digital and still says negative.   I’m so scared that something is wrong now, and I’m not bleeding nor have my symptoms subsided except for the sensitivity a bit, and I have a drs appt this Friday for a pregnancy test but I’m also fearing they’ll say it’s negative when it may not really be.   Has anyone ever gone through this confusion before and still had a healthy pregnancy?   I know I have to wait til Friday but I just hate feeling alone w/ this.   I’ll post a pic of the test I took last night and this morning.  The one in the bottom and in the middle is from last night, and the one on the very top is of this morning.  Thank you!  


  • @Babybubbles0820 I definitely see a line but clear blue test do have a higher rate of indents that pink dye tests. I would try a FRER with pink dye. Also if the lines are faint on these tests it definitely wont show positive on a digital. Hoping your pregnancy test at the doctors on friday goes well.
  • Agree try a frer 🤞🏼 Pink dye tests are much more reliable I think. Good luck! X
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