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Let’s make some Christmas babies! The December tester thread 🎄



  • Sorry to hear @Purpledolly0101. I hope you’re doing ok? 🤗

    Hows it going @KelB79

    I was wondering the same @mrsspiller2021

    WD bleed came on Christmas Eve 🙄 CD5 over here, no prolonged bleeding this time, so I’m happy about that! Will begin temping again as of tmoz 👶🏻🤞🏼
    Hopefully we see some January BFPs ➕😍
  • CD7 today. Trying to be more relaxed this cycle so we'll see how it goes.
  • Same here @Poca92 
    I'm hoping if I stop putting so much pressure on myself, it will happen.

    Although I'm starting a new job next week (first job since having my 20 month old) and not sure that having a baby is a good idea now... But I still want one! 😣

    I'm on CD16 and think I ovulate early this month, so thinking it'll be a shorter cycle again.

    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas xxx
  • 4 days ago found faint but clear and pink line on 2 test. Even HB admitted it was there and got excited.

    next day 1 test positive. 2 days later tested arvo expecting darker but nothing, then waited peed again and faint line.

    This morning first urine I honestly don't know if I can see anything. Pics included. Clearblue digital saying not preg. 
    Dont know when I ovulated CM was egg white for long time. Cramping since pos test 4 days ago but concerned its getting lighter. Booked in to see doc tomorrow. 
  • Hi, 
    I wondered if I can join. 
    I'm sure there are shadows on these tests, can anyone else see them? Maybe I'm just imagining them! Are they evap lines? X

  • I see it too so faint though hopefully it gets darker in few days
  • I see it too so faint though hopefully it gets darker in few days
    Must have been evap lines, af arrived this morning :(
  • Hello ladies. I am on my CD32. Having cramps like how when AF about to appear. AF is suppose to due today but haven't show up yet. But mentally prepared for it.

    How are you ladies doing?
  • I had a chemical pregnancy a few days later started to bleed and bled for six days much longer than my usual. hCG levels back to
    zero. This deep sadness that feels really deep down and struggling to know how to
    let go of it. I have also been anxious since then. Would very much like to try next month I am ready to be pregnant again but worried I will be a lot more anxious about loss having had this experience.
  • Sorry to hear that. I had a miscarriage in Oct and Nov no AF. So we tried again last month but we were very tired and didn't BD as much. I was mentally prepared for this miscarriage as the size was not as what we expected during the scan. So we went for the scan weekly and I kinda know. It is never easy no matter how many time you go through it. 
  • Wow that must be so hard mileycyoj to be seeing the scan and knowing the growth isnt looking good. The strength women have to keep on trying is beautiful, but so much more raw and wrought with pain than I realised. Hoping your baby comes soon x
  • Please help me, i took pregnancy test but it appears a faint line
  • Vivian05 said:
    Please help me, i took pregnancy test but it appears a faint line
    I definitely see a line! Congrats! X
  • Thank you, but i took another one this morning its more faint

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    Oh vivian05 will be crossing my fingers that it gets darker in the next couple of days.

    it may just be your pee was more diluted that day. It could all be ok tomorrow or day after and nice and strong again.

    wanting to be honest with you when I had my chemical pregnancy the line got lighter and lighter until it wasn't there. However your initial line looks really strong and healthy. My line was never that dark so all your hormones will hopefully carry this baby safely through. 
  • I'll try it again after 5 days maybe, i hope it will gets darker, i didn't tell my bf about my second time results yet i don't want to disappoint him
  • Ladies, I am late for 4 days. Have all the period symptoms most evident is the cramp before period. And on and off achy breast and on and off discomfort on left or right side near the pelvic bone. 2 days ago had brownish blood in the morning when I wipe. I have yet to test as I am very worried about the disappointment. What you think ladies?
  • Hello, I would love to join the group. We have recently decided to try for a second baby. 
    @milecyoj I think I would test if I was 4 days late, otherwise I would be driving myself crazy not knowing. Best of luck x
  • @milecyoj If the brownish blood is implantation bleeding, the usually say at least two days after the bleeding to increase the likelihood of getting a positive test. If you're 4 days late you should definitely get a positive test by now. It really comes down to how you feel. Either way it doesnt change the current circumstance of being pregnant or not. Fingers crossed you are though!!
  • @SmithL35 welcome to the group!
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