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Let’s make some Christmas babies! The December tester thread 🎄



  • Poca92 said:
    @SmithL35 welcome to the group!

    Thank you x

  • I have tested just an hour ago and it’s positive. The line just came out strong and instant. however, the brownish blood is more now than last few days.. it was just a few drops and you can hardly see on the tissue when wipe but now it’s more on the tissue. I am really worried. With my son I do not have any bleeding at all. Is it normal to have spotting that last for about  5 days now? 
  • Hello,

    Congratulations on the positive :) try not to worry about the blood, when I was on here trying for my first baby there were lots of people who put on that the had bleeding for a while. X
  • Thank you @SmithL35. I will book for a scan. Hoping this bean sticks. 🤞🏻Hope you have your positive soon. 
  • Keep us updated :)@milecyoj and try not to panic. 
    Thank you, it took a while for us to have our baby, so I wonder whether it will take a long time for it to happen again, if at all. I'm 38 x
  • Will keep you updated @SmithL35. I just called the clinic this morning and they told me to take Duphaston while waiting to see them on 28 Jan. I had one miscarriage before I had my son in 2019. Trying for baby#2 now. I am 38 this year too. I hope I will have my second child before I reach 40.

  • Oh I love that we are the same age! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage :( 
    I had 2 chemical pregnancies before we had our boy in 2020. 
    I haven't heard of Duphaston, what is that for? I bet the 28th feels like a long way off, bless you :( will be keeping my fingers crossed for you x
  • Me too. I have had another miscarriage 3 months ago when trying for baby#2. Hence I am really worried about this one. Duphaston is actually a Dydrogesterone pill that helps with the hormone. It is prescribed by the doctor as I have history of losses. Will update you after the scan and I hope the spotting will stop soon else I will be so afraid to go the toilet each time.
  • Such an anxious time for you 😕 try not to panic...easier said than done I guess. Best wishes 💕
  • Thank you. Will update when I have news :)

  • Hi ladies, so this happened this morning and I’m not sure what to make of it! 😩

    I took the test under the FR first and this line came straight up, so I took the FR straight away and it’s BFN! Took another IC and got another line then took the [email protected] and got a weird half line! What is going on? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Should also add that yesterday I had a stark white BFN on an IC and these were all taken with the same SMU. No idea on DPO but I’m CD29 xx 

  • Oh how strange! @elexox will you test again tomorrow? I'm inclined to say that I bet if you did another in maybe 2 days or even tomorrow there would be a line. I really hope so! X
  • Ooh I'm really not sure about those @elexox. I agree with @SmithL35 to test again tomorrow. I really hope this is it for you! Xx
  • Ooh I'm really not sure about those @elexox. I agree with @SmithL35 to test again tomorrow. I really hope this is it for you! Xx
    Fingers crossed!! Xx
  • @elexox I definitely see the line but I dont see any color to it. Do you see any color in person? if there is no longer then I would just consider it a negative with a really bad indent. If you do see color then I would wait a day or two and test again.
  • Thanks ladies, 

    Defo taking one with FMU tmoz! 
    I’ve got sore boobs and pinching feelings in lower belly which I only ever get when PG! 🤞🏼

    Defo colour to the lines and coming up before 3 mins. I can’t imagine I’d get indents on multiple tests? I guess stranger things have happened though! 😞

    I so hope I get BFP tmoz with FMU but keeping a guarded heart 🥺

    Will update as soon as I know, hope you’re all doing ok! 
  • @elexox bless you, I hope you get some sleep!! You'll be thinking about it constantly! 💕
    Catch up in the morning, I have everything crossed for you x
  • Help me, i'm so confused all i got is faint😟 am i pregnant or not?
  • @Vivian05 what are the dates from top to bottom? What time did you take each test? I definitely see the line which says its positive but I'm concerned with the fluctuations in intensity.
  • From the top it was on Jan. 10, 13 and the third is today this morning at 8am coz i sleep late in the evening.
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