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Am I pregnant?

Hi ladies, 

Any of you guys just felt off before you got your bfp?? I don’t know what it is but I just feel weird, I’m feeling sick all the time, even waking up in the middle of the night feeling sick 🤢 also have had some lower back pain and some twinges/pulling in my stomach and now and again getting a metallic taste in my mouth! I’m due in according to my app in 4 days, iv took a few Tesco cheapie tests over the past couple of days all been negative! I no it could possibly be early to tell but the only time I have had sex was 2 or 3 days after my period ended so thinking there’s no possible way I could be pregnant, but according to my app there was a chance I could of got pregnant lol. Sorry for the long post just very confused with the symptoms I’m having. 

If you guys could tell me some of ur early symptoms, if just feeling off was 1 of them and if you ovulated early please


  • Hey, this sounds just like I was. From around 7dpo I was having alot of stomach pains, they felt like really intense ovulation pains and mainly on one side. I felt so sick and my mouth tasted constantly like id been eating onions. I did a test at 12dpo and BFN, AF didn't arrive so took another at 16dpo and another BFN (tests from pharmacy) I then took another FRER test that evening and it was a faint positive. I am now 8 + 1 and saw our little babies heartbeat last week. I don't know what your chances are when you had sex so early in the cycle but I'd say wait a few days and try a first response as they seem to be the most sensitive. Good luck! 🤞
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