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Guarantee Pregnancy!

TTC for 5 years with PCOS, Diabetes Type 2, ovarian cyst (right ovary) hypertension and endometriosis.

When I tell you, I was so desperate to have a baby I thought I would get some help by emailing a w!tchd8ct8r even though I'm a very skeptical person. I ovulated November 24th but had NO SYMPTOMS I thought "what the hell" I got up this morning, purchase a test and couldn't believe my eyes!

I ran to the store again and purchased 3 more test and I'm just so shocked! I STILL don't believe what I'm seeing! Please if you're tired of the heartbreak, send him a message, if he helped me I promise he'll help you too. [email protected]

My first appointment with my obgyn is December 20th. Baby dust to you all!! 🤍💜

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