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Am I pregnant?

Hi was wondering if I could get some answers please, I've done a load of tests which to me look like they're faint positive and done a clear blue which was negative.
Just really confused 🙄


  • Hey so i can slightly see a line, i would give it 2-3 days and test again maybe your still very rarly on and your hcg levels jist arent high enough yet for a clear blue to pick it up, 
    Sending loads of baby dust❤
  • Thanks Hun ❤️
  • It's doing my head in just wanna know if I'm am or not x
  • I know exactly how you feel, am currently in the same boat. I have extremely irregular cycles currently on cd40 ive took pregnancy tests and ovulation tests just incase and both have came back with two lines 🙈, now waiting on a frer thats coming tomorrow so 🤞 for both of us ❤❤
  • Frustrating isn't it, sending lots of baby dust to you as well, yeah hopefully we both are pregnant ❤️❤️
  • These are my tests so its throwing me off like am i pregnant or ovulating and is this brand even reliable? I guess tomorrow will tell. Please let me know how you get on really hope you get your BFP 💞💞
  • Fingers crossed for you, let me know how you get on, thanks I hope so too n I hope that's your bfp 💕💕
  • Hey i got my bfp 💗🙌, how are you? Have you tested again ?xxx
  • Oh my god congratulations Hun so happy for you 💓 not yet I'm testing tomorrow, will let you know the outcome 
  • Can you see another line in those tests or am I just seeing things? I feel like I can see really faint lines 

  • But then I kinda feel as though I am seeing things 
  • I kbow what you mean but yea i am kinda picking up the second line on your is very very  faint but hopefully vy tomorrow you have  a nice  line you dont have to squint at.
    This is mine today after days of tested going from white to slight lines now to this.
    Done this one in the evening on a 5 hour hold aswell ❤❤
  • What dpo are you now ??xx
  • I have no idea lol 
  • Congrats tho 💕
  • Can you see a faint line?

  • Sorry for being a pain but my head is done in, I've asked 2 people what they think and they've both said they can only see one line.
  • Honestly am not sure like i can see a dhadow of where the line is suppose to be like the beginning of a bfp.
    Are these new one you have done and have you tested on aleast a 5 hour hold ?
  • these tests you can see a line but so hard to see and not 100% sure if its evap line or not 😥,
    Try do another test after doing a long hold 🤞 really hope its your bfp 🙏 ❤❤
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