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Clearblue ovulation and DTD

Hi guys,after some advice regarding peak and best DTD times 

21st November - 1st day of period

29th November - negative fertility circle 

30th November - flashing smiley. We DTD on this date.

I then had 13 days of flashing smileys.

1st Dec - we DTD

3rd Dec - we DTD

4th Dec - we DTD

8th Dec - we DTD

9th Dec - we DTD

12th Dec, AM it was a flashing smiley. But at 11PM it was a solid smiley indicating peak so we DTD that night.

13th Dec - couldn't DTD

14th Dec - DTD at 10.30am

Hoping to DTD tonight (14th Dec) 

My question is have I reduced my chances as we didn't DTD the 2 days before peak and also because we couldn't DTD day after peak?

Really worried and stressed

Do we need to DTD tomorrow as well?


  • Hello! Read a book called the sperm meets the egg and it’s the perfect way to fall pregnant! It normally recommends to start opk cd8 and dtd every other day. Then when. You get the positive, you dtd that day abs the following two days.. skip a day and then dtd again just cover all bases. Also recommended ibevening/night as ovulation doesn’t normally occur in the morning/day - good luck xx
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