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Trying to Conceive at 36

i am 36, my AMH level is 2.8, all my tests have come normal, I have no other illness. I have been trying for a few months but it's not happening. Sometimes I tend to lose heart and think about going for other procedures but when my body is all good then why should I?
I am in a dilemma about what should I do, I want to conceive normally but time is running out. 

Any advice please. 


  • There’s a book called the sperm meets the egg on Amazon. Follow the plan that’s in it and good luck! It has worked for me and many other women xx don’t lose faith! Also even With everything on your side, there’s only 20-25% chance of successful conception on every cycle, I know that’s not a good thing but it just helps put things into perspective in the sense of ITS NOT YOU! 
  • Hi, I didn't conceive my first until I was 36. Had him a few weeks before I was 37. I'd had a few chemical pregnancies before but everything was 'normal'. It just took a while. He was so worth the wait. I really do sympathize with you, I've been there thinking it is too isn't! Just not the right time yet but like the previous person rightly said...its not you. Keep positive, it will happen :)
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