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So confused

edited Dec 16, 2021 11:26PM in Trying to conceive
So I’ll start by saying that my partner left me last week and I have been in incredible mourning. Did not plan for or expect this at all. I am in complete denial and somehow can’t convince my body that I’m looking at six first response positives. Went to clinic and she said my result was negative and that it should be as sensitive to hcg as a home test. (Whaaa?). Took a digital clear blue and got a “not pregnant” and another one this morning with first morning urine, same result. Then two more positive first response. I’m losing my mind here and absolutely heart broken. My life is falling apart, I can’t float this house on my own, I already have three children. I’m not supposed to start my period for another three days.


  • The digital responses tend to come up positive when your hcg levels are much higher compared to the first response hence why first response are coming up positive and digital negative. Also I’m sorry about your partner - all the best xx
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