Hello (again)

Hi Ladies

Well I find myself back on BE (yay!!) but with a slight pickle!

H2B and I miscarried earlier in the year (was not H2B then) and after much debate decided not to TTC again for a little while, then he proposed image and we set a date deciding that we would only try after the wedding.....

Cut a long story short I *think* I might be pg again! We are in limbo as too early to tell on CBD but I have very similar symptons including what could be implantation....it could also be due to my new fitness regiem (5 days a week down the gym) but who knows....

Problem is if we are baby will be due 2 weeks before the wedding ARGH!!!!!

Anyway that is enough drivel from me, hope you are all well and look forward to getting to know you!


  • ooh I hope you are. You'll have to get a dress made espec to show off your lovely bump if you are. fingers crossed for you image
  • I think the wedding will be brought forward if we are....just don't know how much longer we have to wait to find out, so frustrating!!
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