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12dpt - is this real or trigger shot?

Hey guys. I’m currently 12 days past a 10,000ui trigger shot and 10 days since IUI. I didn’t know about the whole testing out the trigger shot thing until a few days ago (wish I knew earlier) and I started testing it out straight away. I’ve been using FRER as I’ve heard they’re more sensitive however I do use a few cheapies too in between my FRERs. Sooo I’ve been testing AM and PM for 3 days now and I’m now on 12DPT and getting BFP on each one, and I don’t even think they’ve gotten much lighter. It’s annoying because I’m not sure if/when the trigger came out of my system, and I’m sure that by this many days past the test should be fading right? Could I please get some help understanding this? Sorry for the smudged writing on the tests, it goes 28/12, 29/12, 30/12 😩 thanks a bunch!
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