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Ladies, Plz help me !

Hi. Me and my boyfriend or almost 7 years have decided we both are ready for a baby..we've been trying to conceive for a couple months now. 
I took two clearblue pregnancy tests, and they both half HALF of the positive line. I don't understand. Does this mean I'm in early stages of being pregnant? Or is it just a error or something. They BOTH did the same thing. I'm attaching pics so hopefully someone will see this and be able to help me understand a little more. This is my first time trying to have children I'm 25 years old..


  • Looks like a negative to me, try testing again in a few days. Best of luck!😊
  • I can see a half line too but these are known for bad evaps, try a frer goodluck x
  • Hi I had this happen to me but was on a different brand and pink dye and I wasn't pregnant. I would also contact clearblue as it may be a faulty batch of tests. Best tests are first response early results. Hope this helps. 
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