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Faint positive??? HELP

I took this test this morning. Period isn't supposed to be due for another 4 days (varies due to pcos) I took this picture within the first minute of doing the test and think I see a very faint line appearing. Sorry tmi but my nipples are super sensitive and the aerolas seem larger than normal. Does anyone else see the faint line or is it just me? Photo was taken under normal lighting and with no filters at all. 


  • Yes I see it congrats x
  • Yes I definitely see it but retest in a few days to check for progression xx
  • I tested again yesterday morning and got this which showed up within 1 min. Photo was taken 2 mins in but I don't know if it has colour or not - just hard to believe after all the negatives. 
  • Kirsty294Kirsty294 Regular
    edited Jan 4, 2022 10:36PM
    Doesn’t look like it’s fully finished processing yet, I do see something though x
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