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Bfp 4 days ago, but line getting lighter

4 days ago found faint but clear and pink line on 2 test. Even HB admitted it was there and got excited.

next day 1 test positive. 2 days later tested arvo expecting darker but nothing, then waited peed again and faint line.

This morning first urine I honestly don't know if I can see anything. Pics included. Clearblue digital saying not preg.


  • Hi, i cannot see a second line on the pics.
    What cd are you? X
  • Hello! Unfortunately I can’t see a line on any of the pics cx
  • I Know! so sad to go from having a line 30/12 and 31/12 to no line when I tested 2/1 and 3/1. Tested again this morning and still nothing. I am having blood test today, but I think it must be a chemical pregnancy. 4 days later line should be getting darker not disappearing. 
  • CD day 33. No sign of period but still mild cramps for last 6 days. 
    Not sure when I ovulated but last time I had sex was 12 days ago before xmas and my CM had started to turn cloudy even though still stretchy 14 days ago. So line should for sure be getting darker I feel not disappearing by now.
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