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Help with BBT chart please

Hi ladies.
This is my first time on Made for Mums and hoping for some insight/help.

This is me and my husbands 3rd month trying to conceive (feels like so much longer!) and I have been tracking my BBT for the last two months or so using Premom app. I have been very consistent, doing it around the same time every morning as soon as I waken up (before leaving bed etc).

Last month my BBTs were pretty spot on. Big temp rise either on the day of or day after ovulation (had a very obvious positive ovulation test and it dropped down in the next few days). I had fertile cm and ovulation pain in the left side. I also had a progesterone test done on day 21 and day 25 (cause I ovulated later so needed to be 7 days post-o) which proved I had definitely ovulated - very good results.

However this month my BBT didn’t rise until 3dpo. My temps after presumed ovulation (based on positive opk, fertile cm and ovulation pain) were all higher than my previous 6 temps which is good but not a spike like last month, a very slow rise really. However I did notice all my temps in general this month have been lower than last months.

I am attaching my BBT chart from last month in the comments where I ovulated day 18 and you can see the BBT spike and my chart from this month where I ovulated day 16 and you can see the slow rise.
Could anyone give me some insight onto whether my temps are confirming ovulation or was this maybe an anovulatory cycle??

All help appreciated as I am still quite new to this x


  • Hi @MTedford93
    I’m no expert but will try and help! What’s the orange line?
    I highly recommend using Fertility Friend, their charts are way easier to read than premom x 
  • Hi @RememberToBreathe, thank you so much for replying. 
    The orange line are m opk tests so the peak was when I got my positive opk :) 
    I have heard good things about fertility friend - i think I will look into this x
  • Ah I see @MTedford93 - that makes sense! It’s a while since I charted or used OPKs so I’d forgotten they might be plotted too. 

    Definitely download FF, even the free version is better than premom  (in my opinion). 

    But on your charts, I’d definitely say you’ve ovulated as you have three temps above your pre-peak / ovulation temps. You can have a slow ride or a steep rise different months so don’t worry too much about having completely consistent patterns. I have never had a cycle when I didn’t ovulate but some months I had a very slow temp rise after ovulation and other months a very steep rise. 

    This was the cycle I conceived my little boy and you’ll see I actually ovulated on the rise (which is also quite common)…

    Best of luck to you! Hopefully I’ll be joining you soon once my
    cycles have reappeared 🤞🏻
  • @RememberToBreathe I took your advice and downloaded FF - I put in all my temps, opks and cm from my last period. I will attach the graph it then gave me - it seems to have given me crosshairs which I’ve read is a good sign? 

    Your chart looks amazing there! Big congratulations on your little one ❤️ X
  • That’s interesting @MTedford93 because it’s put ovulation a day ahead of when you thought you did and based on the cross that does make sense for temps. And does show an increased rise in temp! If you get straight lines then FF is pretty confident of your ovulation (and it takes into account OPKs and CM too). If you get dashed lines it’s not so sure and it won’t give you lines until you’ve got enough temps to confirm the rise. I found it very accurate!
  • @RememberToBreathe yes I noticed that too! I’m so glad I dtd on cd16 as well just to be sure. Hopefully I have done enough this month. 

    Thank you so much, I feel much more reassured now. Got another temp spike this morning from 36.59 yesterday to 36.65 today! :smiley:

  • @MTedford93 that’s another good rise! I know a lot of people will say once ovulation is confirmed stop temping as you’ll get fixated and really down if it ever dips. I mean I could never do that but just throwing it out there x
  • @RememberToBreathe

     Yes I have seen some people say it isbetter to stop or you will torture yourself lol! I’ve managed to stay quite chill the last few months but the longer it takes, I reckon the less chill I will get. But trying really hard to stay calm and peaceful about it all. Just an update: I had another rise from 36.65 yesterday to 36.70 this morning. So I am feeling much more confident that I ovulated :smile: -


  • @MTedford93 that’s a lovely rise / chart. Have everything crossed for you! I found TTC so unbelievably stressful which of course won’t have actually helped the whole TTC process. I’m desperate to get my cycle back and start trying for number 2 and I’m determined to be more chill!!
  • @RememberToBreathe
    it really is so stressful! Especially when you so badly want to be a mummy. I think the movies etc lead us to believe you just have sex and bam - pregnant!! Lol. 

    Can I ask how long it took you to conceive your little boy? Fingers crossed that your cycle gets back to normal soon and you can jump on the lovely TTC bandwagon again :D

  • @MTedford93 it took us a year but I ovulate early (day 11/12) so short cycles meant we were lucky on cycle number 13!! Our issue was that I actually fell pregnant five times but lost the first four around them 5 week mark. I was under a private consultant for debilitating ovulation pain in March 2020 and about to go for investigatory surgery for endometriosis as that’s what he thought the issue was but it was cancelled because of covid and we got really lucky and Ralph is now here ❤️
  • @RememberToBreathe
    so sorry for your loss - that’s unimaginable :( really is the one thing I am terrified about. I hope you and your partner are coping okay - although I am sure little Ralph was the blessing yous both needed :) 

    I think I would be very happy if I managed to conceive within a year. I’ve had a lot of surgeries, an autoimmune disease and I have PCOS (although my periods and ovulation all seem regular and healthy/normal thankfully). 

    Just have to stay hopeful ❤️ Xx
  • Thanks @MTedford93 - we were getting to the point where we really were starting to not cope and early pregnancy was terrifying but on Sunday I have a 13 month old and every day I’m so unbelievably grateful for him so we had to go through all of that to get here. Wish he’d sleep mind 😂

    Sounds like you have a lot to deal with, look after yourself x 
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