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Clear blue early detection test

Hi, recently I’ve been feeling really nauseous and tired and suspected I may be pregnant. I took the clear blue early detection tests and I was just wondering if people think it’s positive or negative? Thank you :)


  • Any advice would be a massive help! 
  • How many DPO are you? usually seeing any line in the test area is considered positive. What is the difference between the two tests? I sit different times/ days?
    We usually suggest testing with a pink dye test as well because they're less likely to give indent lines.
  • Hi, I’m 10 DPO at the moment, the bottom test was taken on the evening of 7/1/22 and the top one was taken on the morning of the 8/1/22. I’ve ordered some first response tests but I wasn’t sure if the clear blues were positive, everyone I speak to says yes but I wasn’t sure 🙂
  • I would definitely be leaning towards a positive. You can also just reach out to your OB and ask to get your blood drawn for Beta testing instead. That way no second guessing positive or not.
  • I’m praying it’s positive! I’ve called my doctors as I’ve had 5 tests come up with a line, so got an appointment booked on the 26th! Thank you for the advice 🙂x
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