any of you who got pregnant straight after MC need advise

Hi ladies, I was just wondering if any of you have had a miscarriage and gotten pregnant straight away?

if you did, did you realise or have any symptoms?

I miscarried two weeks ago and read that you can pregnant the week after or 2.. I have had some very light pink/brown spotting and cant stop going to the toilet.. Im not getting hopes up as its early days. We have attempted to make love 4 times since miscarriage and that was 4th June, 11th June, 12th and today.

I was not going to test myself for another 4 weeks as midwife says to wait until week 6 if AF has not arrived then test as its likely I could be pregnant.




  • Hiya,
    I got pregnant straight away, I didnt notice any symptoms though in fact all the symptoms I did get pointed to a period. cramps, etc. I tested 4 weeks after the start on MC and got a positive. I reckon I got pregnant the week after. I bled for a week and started to try asap.
    I must point out that I bought the clearblue digital ovulation test and it kept giving me big fat nothings! Which I thought I didnt ovulate but in fact I did twice and now im having twins!
    twin 1 7+6
    twin 2 7+ 2
  • Oh congratulations Jenny - I hope everything goes very well - and I guess as you know the measurements of each twin I take it you've had a early scan and everything is looking good image Yay
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