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Positive tests, Negative next day

edited Jan 18, 2022 12:38AM in Trying to conceive
JReally would like to get some advice about my situation, if anyone has experienced similar. On 01/15 (Saturday) I took a first response with my fmu, it came back instantly with a faint line. I then took a easy at home strip test with my second morning urine came back really positive. I was convinced I was pregnant. I then took tests every day since then and there has been no line. It’s hard for me to determine what dpo I am. I have pcos and very irregular periods, technically no periods because I can’t start them on my own. I have been having cramping since last week and I have sore boobs but that’s about it. My last period started on Dec. 24th and lasted til the 30th
Im so confused if I should wait longer or maybe it was a chemical? Im not sure I’ll get another period this month because last month I had to take progesterone to start my period. 
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