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Positive tests then negative

Really would like some advice if anyone has had similar happen to them. On 01/15 (Saturday) I took a first response with my fmu and instantly got a faint line. I was convinced it was positive so I took an easy at home strip with my second morning urine and it was way darker than first response? Every day after that I been testing and they have been coming out negative. It’s really hard for me to determine what dpo I am since this is my first time tracking ovulation and I also have pcos and no periods that I can start on my own. My last cycle started because I took progesterone to start it. I had my period from December 24th - 30th. Should I wait longer and then test again? I’m so confused on what to do or think. I have had a couple of symptoms but now I’m worried I’m not pregnant because the lines don’t show anymore. Maybe false positives or negatives?
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