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Implantation bleeding or early period

I really would like some answers and assistance I am not sure if I am experiencing implantation bleeding or if my period came very early I usually have a pretty regular cycle and I'm only 6 dpo yet I woke up this morning with 2 spots of light pink blood in my underwear and light pink when I wiped but my period is not due for another 9 days I usually bleed and cramp very very heavily and I havnt this time I've had minor cramps that feel almost like a bubble or pin prick typically on my left side (not even bad enough to take an ibuprofen or stop my motion at all ) I also regularly wear a super plus tampon and have to change it usually every 4 hours but in 4 hours time I didn't even halfway fill a regular tampon the blood on it looked kinda rust colored and light pink but had some vibrant bright red also that looked shiny almost like it had a clear mucus mixed with it and wasn't just blood so is anyone able to tell me if they went throught something similar or their exexperiences to help ne figure out whats going on since it's to early to test yet 


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