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Is every second night enough sex?

Hello, I’m new to the group. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. Never been pregnant before. Kinda a private topic but is every second night an ok amount of sex? We’ve been together over 10 years and in our 30s. I use the ovulation sticks but still, sex every night is hard in this stage of life, even every second night is a struggle. I find pregnant people in my life dont want to share this info, they just say “we had lots of sex”. What’s lots?! curious to see if either anyone’s had success with this schedule or if everyone’s doing it like 3 times a day and we’re not doing it enough. I have a referral to a fertility dr but the wait times are long, so looking for some comfort/advice. Thank you! 


  • I read in a ttc book that having sex too regularly lowers sperm count and was recommended every other day to allow your partner to build up his full count again, I’ve also read some where to have sex every other day on the week leading up to ovulation, then on the day of ovulation and again on the day after ovulation. With my first born I only had sex once the whole month (he was a surprise baby) but I worked out he was conceived 2 days after my predicted ovulation. Hope this helps. I’m just about to start trying to conceive my second child, and with my first being a surprise I’m new to ttc and have been trying to read all the information out there, almost a little obsessively 😅   sending you lots of love and baby dust x 
  • Thank you! That is very helpful! It’s so easy to be hard on yourself thinking “I must not be doing enough” . Thanks for the info!!
  • My last two pregnancies we only had sex twice in my fertile period 
  • I’ve spoken to Fertifa today they’re a fertility advice service I get through work. They’ve told me to have sex every other day from CD8 until C23 and that should cover all your fertile period. Hope that helps x
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