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When to take a test

Hi ladies,

So my partner and I have been ttc but not ttc for about a year if you get what I mean. A couple of months ago however I found out I may have some issues that will make it harder for me to become pregnant. Naturally I was a bit discouraged and we stopped trying as frequently.

It was my partners birthday last week and we did the deed that night. A few days ago I went to log that and found to my surprise that my predicted ovulation day was the 21st, the day we did it. It’s not been 6 days and I’m out of my ovulation period since yesterday. I’ve had some cramping today and I’m wondering if it’s possible it’s implantation? 

I don’t want to get my hopes up. But I’m dying to take a test, though I know it’s far too early. When would you recommend I should take one? The earliest the better lol.
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