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Had anyone had Pregnancy after ectopic?

Hi all 

I am just looking for advice really….

I have a pretty poor history in terms of pregnancy/miscarrage (I’ve unfortunately had 12 pregnancies) and no live baby as of yet 😢

This time unfortunately I have a confirmed ectopic pregnancy of a decent size and live so due to the risk of rupture they are removing right my tube today. 

I am just wondering if anyone has managed to get pregnant naturally after an ectopic pregnancy/tube removal? If so how long it took after starting trying again? 

Thanks 😊 x


  • So sorry for your loss. I had an ectopic that required tube removal in November and haven’t had any luck yet. So no advice here!
  • Sorry to hear of your losses. I have no personal experience of ectopic but a close friend had one a few years back and she’s since had 3 pregnancies. Best wishes to you x
  • Sorry forgot to add, she also only has 1 tube as the ectopic had completely ruptured the other tube x 
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