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TTC after Miscarrige not sure what day I ovulated what do you think?

Help a girl out! I had lost my sweet angel in November to a missed miscarrige and hubby and I are trying again this will be my 2nd cycle since the mc.So im trying to find out when i ovulated i didnt get to temp this cycle due to sleep schedule and nursing school. Anyways, i started opk testing with clear blue digitals and strips since Jan 23rd and on Jan 24th i got my 1st flashing smiley and egg white discharge flow that day then ewcm and flashing smileys until January 27th then January 28th i got my 1st solid smiley then the 30th i took a digital again at night and then it displayed a blank smiley? Soo i think i ovulated on the 28th or the 29th not sure what do you guys think and ive BD everyday from January 23rd till the the 30th at night. #rainbowbaby🌈
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