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Evap? Faint Positive? Help!

Hi everyone. New here, I’m Em! 

A month ago I had a really faint positive and my period was very late. Started getting excited, tests were still showing faint positives. Then two weeks ago today I began bleeding very heavily and ended up in hospital. Chemical pregnancy. Left feeling utterly devastated because we’ve been trying for over a year. 

I had one first response test left, and for some reason I took it this morning. Probably because we decided not to try for a little while so we didn’t get any more heartbreak. Within 3 mins the faintest of lines pops up (will include photo). It’s easier to see in person and has a pink tint to it. 

Is it an evap line? Could I still be positive from the chemical? Am I going nuts? We’ve not been trying since then but not preventing either. Please don’t judge as still feeling low and finding it hard to pick myself up 


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