Where is Laujai?

Hi Ladies,
I'm sorry to gatecrash but I just wondered if anyone had heard from Laujai or if she was still on holiday?


  • she's stuck in Florida til Saturday I think, she's posted in pregnancy after infertility xx
  • i was wondering this too - thanks for the update PP,

    I'd love to be stuck in Florida atm - instead Im stuck at my desk! he he

  • i did wonder that too but then i remembered about the whole volcano thing, hope she's chillaxing! xx
  • she's not in florida image there's a post in preg after infertility. she was supposed to fly orlando to newark then change to heathrow, but they only flew the first leg then got stranded. she was staying in some dodgy hotel on staten island when she posted image
  • awww, poor lau!! hope everything is as ok as it can be hun!!
  • O the poor thing, hope she gets home safe and sound soon x
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