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First Time TTC and Don't know how to feel

So me and my partner have been discussing that we want to try for a baby. TMI - We finally have started and after the first time I am now feeling strange. I don't know what to do with myself. I won't find out for weeks and I just need to know if other people felt this way too when they had been trying? I don't really have anyone whose been in my position as they hadn't planned to have their children.  


  • I totally understand Steph. This is the first month we have had unprotected sex with the plan to be more proactive TTC next month. Now my period is due this week and I can't stop thinking about it despite telling myself we wouldnt put any pressure on this as I know it will likely take a while and I don't want to become obsessive...ot get too excited then disappointed each month 
  • I'm in exactly in the same boat. I convinced myself I was pregnant and then my period came. It's so hard not to overthink it. I'm also worried I'm starting to loose interest because I'm so focused on it happening now.
  • I'm sorry it's hard for you too, but I must say I'm glad to know it's not just me! Let's stay in touch! Today is my period due date so I'm going to make lots of fun plans for next month to distract myself and try and keep the spirits up. 
    Another thing I found difficult was having a cocktail or two this weekend before my period was due. I technically could be pregnant! How are you handling this? I don't want to draw attention by not drinking and was really looking forward to a prosecco with the girls and talked myself out of even going out I was so nervous! 
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