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Unpleasant delay

Hi all,
I recently have had success with regular periods coming from a history of an irregular cycle, I have been on prescription medication called metformin, my period however has began like regular note medication not prescribed for irregular period.
My period has been regularly coming every month give or take a little early a little late at times, so I guess I'm narrowing this down to my period being suspiciously late for 7 days due to my flo chart app on my phone.
I have had unprotected sex in late January leading me into February's late period though keeping in mind I had ovulation discharge around Jan 26 following onto my late period Feb 7-13, from Feb 7-11 I had light spotting to brown discharge, than here is my dilemma, after light spotting to brown discharge in commence with my late period I had one whole day of a light bleed than disappears again, I guess this leaves me in question as to why did I bleed past questionable implantation into my missed period, am I not reading the signs correctly or did I have a period instead of my spotting days in Feb 7-11.
Note, I still haven't had, according from my information, a full period in February. 
I'm left to ask am I pregnant.

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